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Frances Watts – National Year of Reading

Frances Watts, winner of the 2012 Prime Minister’s Literary Award, called the studio to chat to Cath Kenneally about the National Year of Reading, how she began writing books for children, as well as where she get’s her inspiration.

She begins by talking to Cath about how the National Year of Reading began…


Brian Castro – Street to Street

Cath Kenneally speaks to Brian Castro, Adelaide author and Professor at Adelaide University, about his new book Street to Street, published by Giramondo. For more details about the book you can visit their website.

Cameron Raynes author The Colour of Kerosene stories

Cameron Raynes is the author previous non-fiction works on Aboriginal-European affairs in South Australia’s colonial past, and now of The Colour of Kerosene, which ‘will put dirt under your fingernails’.

laurie duggan poet

A taste of bitter blood

Full-time US Fiction writer, Rachel Caine, is prolific, writing six novels a year with six whole series of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense and horror under her belt.

Rachel is currently in town as she tours her new 15-book series – the Morganville Vampires – which has sold over 100,000 copies in Australia.

The thirteenth instalment, Bitter Blood, has just been released.  Jennie Lenman spoke to Rachel to find out more.


Rachel’s in town for Supanova, click here for more details.

Michael Duffy – Bad

Journalist Michael Duffy has written the book Bad, the story of the Perish Brothers and the murder of a drug cook. This was one of Australia’s biggest murder investigations and only just resolved in the Sydney courts. An upcoming series of the Channel 9 television show Underbelly will feature these events.

Sue Reece spoke to Michael about the importance of crime writing and how this particular path to justice hinged on investigating the murder of a drug cook – an activity that the community might consider a waste of time.

Maggie Alderson thinks like a man

Cath Kenneally covered all sorts of territory with author Maggie Alderson. From long distance relationships to alcoholism, the handsome male lead in her latest book, Everything Changes But You, encounters some dark themes. She reveals to Cath that her next book is ‘cooking’.