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Look To the Sky and Consider the Light Between the Space

Sometimes our lives are so hectic that we forget to look up at the sky and contemplate the marvels our world has to offer.

Coming up for South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival is a multimedia exhibition showcasing skyscape instillation integrating digital photography, time-lapse video and music composition, utilising the state-of-the-art equipment of Bang & Olufsen.

Derek Crozier, Michael Jenkins and Natasha Lee are the artists and organisers of the exhibition, The Light Between the Space.

Jennie Lenman speaks to Michael and Natasha about it.

Head to SALA for more information.

Broadcast 28 July 2012

A Universe of Small Truths: Interview with Julie Henderson

A Universe of Small Truths is an exhibition at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation showcasing the works of established artist, Julie Henderson.

Julie is a doctor of Visual Art Practice and is lecturer in sculpture and installation at the University of South Australia.

Julie speaks to Jennie Lenman about how she has used the space to create a field of objects and what they mean to her.

Broadcast 28 July 2012.

Apply Yourself – The Writing Project

Attention all emerging artists, writers, designers and curators in Australia…

There’s a collaborative, trans-disciplinary arts writing challenge for you. It’s called the Writing Project.

Polly Dance, Project Coordinator at  FELTspace, speaks to Jennie Lenman to explain the purpose and of the competition and how people can get involved.

Broadcast 16 June 2012

Adhocracy @ Vitalstatistics

The June long weekend means that its Adhocracy time again – a kind of creative lock in at Vitalstatistics where the public can also go see creativity in action. Emma Webb – the creative director of Vitalstatistics and Adhocracy’s co-director along with Jason Sweeney explains to Nikki Marcel how it works and whose involved.

Broadcast 2 June 2012

Bring your security blankets to Objectified

Think techni-colour mandalas on acid and you’re nearly imagining Pip and Pop’s incredible sugary landscapes that take days to create. They’re part of Objectified – a new exhibition opening on Wednesday April 11 at the SASA Gallery.  Artists Heidi Kenyon, Will Nolan, Pip and Pop, Tristan Louth-Robins, Paul Sloan, Sera Waters and Laura Wills explore the object attachment theories of Donald W. Winnicott. Curator Karen Paris gives Nikki Marcel a condensed beginners guide to Winnicott’s ideas.

Broadcast 31 March 2012


Parallel Collisions – Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art

Twenty one artists are taking not just the visual but aural realms to the edge for Parallel Collisions at the Gallery of South Australia. There’s even works made by a pregnant python.  Curators Natasha Bullock and Alexie Glass Kantor outline all that is happening as part of the Biennial with Nikki Marcel.

Broadcast 25 Feb 2012

City Sound Scapes curated by Brigid Noone

The sound art installation City Sound Scapes under the Morphett Street bridge has been given bonus life. It features sound artists Benjamin Leslie, Hugh Rennison, Joe Cassar, Angelina Zucco, Jason Sweeney and Annika Evans. Curator Brigid Noone talks the art of sound with Nikki Marcel

Broadcast 28 Jan 2012