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Fragments – Ula Blocksage – Reading Room

Ula Blockage spoke to Jennie Lenman about her new exhibition Fragments which is open at the Reading Room on Hindley Street.

Fragments is open until October 17.

The Motherhood: An Exhibition Paying Tribute to Childbirth

SALA exhibition that adorns and celebrates the life of mothers throughout time, The Motherhood, opens this weekend.

Amber Rose and  Samantha Gold are showcasing visual art and photography at The Birth Place, signifying the importance and blessings of childbirth.

Samantha speaks to Jennie Lenman about the exhibition, the Birth Place and her non-for-profit initative, The Motherhood.

The exhibition at The Birthplace on Glen Osmond Road in Adelaide will open on Sunday August 5 at midday until 3pm will feature a live performance by singer/songwriter, Mairead Fagan. You will be able to see the exhibition until August 31 2012.

Broadcast 4 August 2012.

Look To the Sky and Consider the Light Between the Space

Sometimes our lives are so hectic that we forget to look up at the sky and contemplate the marvels our world has to offer.

Coming up for South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival is a multimedia exhibition showcasing skyscape instillation integrating digital photography, time-lapse video and music composition, utilising the state-of-the-art equipment of Bang & Olufsen.

Derek Crozier, Michael Jenkins and Natasha Lee are the artists and organisers of the exhibition, The Light Between the Space.

Jennie Lenman speaks to Michael and Natasha about it.

Head to SALA for more information.

Broadcast 28 July 2012

Viewing the Urban Environment Through a Lens

What do you see when you look around our fair city?

Perhaps you observe people, perhaps you get distracted by the traffic, but sometimes it’s good to stop and really look around.

Urban Views, a solo photography exhibition by Nizar Andary, explores this concept. Jennie Lenman speaks to Nizar about his work.

You can see Urban Views at the Centre for Creative Photography in Marleston until July 27, 2012.

Broadcast 7 July 2012.

To The Surface: Interview with Meg Cowell

What wonderful colours and shapes emerge when one puts garmets into water!

Young, expressive and highly original photo-based artist, Meg Cowell, brings us To the Surface – a collection of evocative and intricate photographs of abandoned feminine garments and beautiful, bold dresses.

Jennie Lenman chats to Meg about the collection at AP. Bond Gallery.

Broadcast 30 June 2012.

A Winning Night Sky

From nebulas to solar flares, the moon and the milky way RI Aus is exhibiting the spectacular winning night sky images of the David Malin Awards 2011. The Awards are organised by the Central West Astronomical Society with a record number of entrants this year. John Sarkissian is the Operations Scientist at the ATNF Parks Radio Observatory and talks with Nikki Marcel about the different ways to photograph deep space.

Broadcast 9 June 2012

Manhole Covers and Other Heavenly Bodies

Have you ever truly appreciated the minimalist industrial beauty and design of a manhole cover? Artist Anthony Lusk has and his exhibition at the Prospect Gallery will help you to see them in a brand new way. Nikki Marcel attempts to get over her manhole phobia and asks Anthony about his collection.

Broadcast 31 March 2012