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1972: A Momentus Year for Arts and Radio

Did you know that Thursday 28 June 2012 marks the 40th Anniversary of Community Radio in Australia?

In fact it all started here at Radio Adelaide, or 5UV, as it was known then.

1972 was a big year for Adelaide arts and culture.

A number of wonderful initiatives and arts organisations emerged and have evolved to what we see today.

A man who has been working in theatre since 1955 and joined 5UV in1975 – Myk Mykyta, is still with Radio Adelaide today as a reviewer; and former President of the South Australian Legislative Council and former Minister for Local Government and the Arts -Anne Levy –is also a big part of the station, being chair of the Advisory Committee.

Jennie Lenman is joined by these two very special guests to discuss the  evolution of arts in Adelaide over the past forty years.

You’re invited to join in the festivities on Thursday 28 June 2012, click here for more details.

Broadcast 23 June 2012.

Selflessly Supporting Arts in SA

Behind the scenes in the arts in Adelaide are people who are rarely recognised, but who are vital to the development of arts in the state.

They’re philanthropists, they raise money, they donate money, they persuade other people to do it.

Ulrike Klein, one of the founders of the Jurlique cosmetics company and the Ngeringa Farm concert series, is involved in raising money for the Australian String Quartet.

She’s speaking to Ewart Shaw.

Broadcast 23 June 2012.

Apply Yourself – The Writing Project

Attention all emerging artists, writers, designers and curators in Australia…

There’s a collaborative, trans-disciplinary arts writing challenge for you. It’s called the Writing Project.

Polly Dance, Project Coordinator at  FELTspace, speaks to Jennie Lenman to explain the purpose and of the competition and how people can get involved.

Broadcast 16 June 2012

Swinging Momentum with Nicky Bomba

It’s time to get your groove on with Nicky Bomba when he comes to The Gov on June 22. Michelle Smith from Rhythm Stick (Saturdays 8pm) catches up with Nicky while he’s on his annual trip back to Malta.

Broadcast 9 June 2012


Hobart Perth Adelaide Milan

Claire Bonner is a specialist in 19th Century guitar and will be playing the music of Giuliani Sor and Mertz at Nexus Gallery on June 17 as part of her fundraising tour en route to study in Milan. Originally from Hobart she has been studying at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts.  Claire talks with Nikki Marcel about what she finds so special about this genre of music.

Broadcast 9 June 2012

A Bounty of Promise @ Art Gallery of SA

The  Gallery’s latest exhibition SA Illustrated: Colonial Painting in the Land of Promise is bound to give many new insights into Adelaide and why we are such an artistic community. For anyone  that maybe feeling a bit indifferent to the idea of colonial painting you’re very likely to  find it surprisingly fascinating– not just for its varied content but also for its accompanying exhibitions: Bounty: Nineteenth-Century South Australian Gold and Silver and the 21st century responses by Ali Baker, James Dodd and Peter Drew in South Australia Illustrated: From the Street.

The three exhibitions plus a very quirky drawing-room for children and adults makes for quite a unique experience into our colonial past. Gallery Director, Nick Mitzevich talks with Nikki Marcel about the exhibitions and breaking preconceived ideas about colonial art.

Broadcast 2 June 2012

Cabaret Fringe Festival Kicks Off

The sold out Opening Night Gala of the Cabaret Fringe Festival at the popup venue Gaslight Cabaret in the Dom Polski Centre was a huge success. Festival director, Sidonie Henbest, is definitely a woman dedicated to her job given that she was awake and doing interviews  at the very un-cabaret hour of 9am the morning after the launch. Nikki Marcel asks Sidonie whether she’s been to bed yet, if anyone lost their hairpiece in the Margherita fountain and why we need a cabaret fringe festival?

Broadcast 2 June 2012