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A Bounty of Promise @ Art Gallery of SA

The  Gallery’s latest exhibition SA Illustrated: Colonial Painting in the Land of Promise is bound to give many new insights into Adelaide and why we are such an artistic community. For anyone  that maybe feeling a bit indifferent to the idea of colonial painting you’re very likely to  find it surprisingly fascinating– not just for its varied content but also for its accompanying exhibitions: Bounty: Nineteenth-Century South Australian Gold and Silver and the 21st century responses by Ali Baker, James Dodd and Peter Drew in South Australia Illustrated: From the Street.

The three exhibitions plus a very quirky drawing-room for children and adults makes for quite a unique experience into our colonial past. Gallery Director, Nick Mitzevich talks with Nikki Marcel about the exhibitions and breaking preconceived ideas about colonial art.

Broadcast 2 June 2012

A peek into Sue Lorraine’s Cabinet

Calling all jewellery enthusiasts.
The Gray Street Workshop has a new exhibition called Cabinet by one of its founding members,Sue Lorraine. Sue goes through some of her treasures with Nikki Marcel.

Broadcast 3rd March 2012

Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor and The Art of the Possible

The Jam Factory are opening two new exhibitions Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor which tells 100 stories about 100 women through 100 brooches and Penny Byrne’s revamped op-shop trinkets The Art of the Possible.

Broadcast 25 Feb 2012