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Reviews – Choreolab, Sleeping Beauty, OzAsia

Radio Adelaide’s Alan Brissenden has been to see several dance performances in Adelaide over the last week.

He spoke to Cath Kenneally to review Choreolab, Sleeping Beauty, Cambodia Sun Rising and Aditi Mangaldas.

Stephen Page Bangarra Director: Terrain

Bangarra Dance Theatre returns to Adelaide August 29 with Frances Ring’s Terrain, inspired by Lake Eyre. Director Stephen Page talks about it with CathKenneally.

Howling Like a Wolf: The Art of Communication

A filmic dance theatre work exploring human expression and communication, Howling Like a Wolf, is premiering in Adelaide soon – bringing together Restless Youth Ensemble dancers and guests from Australia’s leading disability arts companies.

Zoe Barry is an accomplished musician, composer and teacher and returns to Restless to guest direct the piece.

She speaks to Jennie Lenman about what it has been like slowing down a moment in time and putting it into a dance piece.


Howling Like a Wolf: behind the scenes 1


Howling Like a Wolf: behind the scenes 2


Howling Like a  Like a Wolf will be on at Queens Theatre in Adelaide from August 17 to 25, 2012.

Broadcast 4 August 2012.

What’s Your Crutch?

Are you aware of what your crutch is?

You know, that thing that you indulge in to help deal with the world around you?

Perhaps it’s smoking or shopping, over or under eating. There’s a myriad of things people do to cope with their lives.

This thought is explored in depth for a series of SALA performances by Dancer and Choreographer, Fiona Gardner and visual artist, Katherine Coppock, who will be merging their art forms to create a moving installation.

They speak to Jennie Lenman about how they came to invisage such an intriguing concept, how the audience is informing their pieces and what has suprised them along the way.

Contribute to the story, head to the What’s Your Crutch page. Performances will be on during August for the South Australian Living Artists Festival.

Broadcast 21 July 2012

Tapping Around the World

The Tapdogs have been a phenomenal success from their Australian beginnings they have conquered the world with their percussive and energetic performances.

The show is coming to Adelaide as part of a national tour and Ewart Shaw speaks with Jesse Rasmussen and Matt Papa about the show.

Broadcast 7 July 2012.

Men In Pink Tights

There’s a ballet company on stage at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Adelaide; glamorous costumes, great music, wonderful choreography, and the dancers are on pointe- except that they’re all men! Les Ballets Elloelle is the company,  Men In Pink Tights is the show, and the artistic director and lead dancer is Victor Trevino.

Ewart Shaw speaks to Victor, mentioning that as dancing on pointe is tradionally a female dance style, it seems quite funny to have men doing it.

Broadcast 30 June 2012.

Earth Dream Festival – Cultivating Nationwide Art, Music and Free-thinking

The Winter Solstice is coming, which brings a unique festival to SA – it’s starting in Perth and spiralling around the whole country.

It’s all about music and art and encourages free thinking, entrepreneurialism and innovation.

One of the organisers of the festival Dylan from Adelaide Arts Cult, and DJ who will be performing at the festival, James Corbet, speaks to Jennie Lenman about how the Earth Dream Festival came to be, and what we can expect for the weekend-long adventure.

Broadcast 16 June 2012.