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A Bounty of Promise @ Art Gallery of SA

The  Gallery’s latest exhibition SA Illustrated: Colonial Painting in the Land of Promise is bound to give many new insights into Adelaide and why we are such an artistic community. For anyone  that maybe feeling a bit indifferent to the idea of colonial painting you’re very likely to  find it surprisingly fascinating– not just for its varied content but also for its accompanying exhibitions: Bounty: Nineteenth-Century South Australian Gold and Silver and the 21st century responses by Ali Baker, James Dodd and Peter Drew in South Australia Illustrated: From the Street.

The three exhibitions plus a very quirky drawing-room for children and adults makes for quite a unique experience into our colonial past. Gallery Director, Nick Mitzevich talks with Nikki Marcel about the exhibitions and breaking preconceived ideas about colonial art.

Broadcast 2 June 2012

Artlink Says Ni Hao Chengdu

Adelaide based Artlink magazine is heading off to China with reprints of their special 2011 issue Indigenous: Beauty & Terror translated into Mandarin. Artlink is taking part in the 13th Conference of Australian Studies, at Xihua University in Chengdu. is Artlink’s Executive Editor, Stephanie Britton,  is heading the team over to Chengdu and talks with Nikki Marcel about the exciting venture.

Broadcast 26 May 2012

Kumangka @ Gallery M

Reconciliation Week is coming up from 27 may – 3 June and there are many activities planned around Adelaide. Gallery M in Marion has just opened Kumangka. Julie Pritchard is the director of Gallery M and takes Nikki Marcel on an aural tour.

Broadcast 12 May 2012


Down at the Lion Arts Complex on the corner of Morphett and Hindley Street – The Jam Factory has a number of exhibitions. Two of the exhibitions include – Steven Carson and local furniture designer Sennki in the Collectors Space and glass artist Tom Moore has some very fun goblets and works upstairs in the Showroom. In the main galleries are KURUR  ALALA and DJIGABINA MUDDI MUDDI. Curator Margaret Hancock Davis talks with Nikki Marcel about these very striking Indigenous works.

National Sorry Day and a Journey of Healing

May 26 is National Sorry Day and the Journey of Healing Association SA Inc is hosting an open public event – the Kuttekaringyanya ‘reforming’ the Journey of Healing Wodlianni Stolen Generations Coming Home.  It’s being held in Tarndanyangga (Victoria Square) on May 24 from 10.30am -2.30. Chairperson John Brown explains the day and planned activities to Nikki Marcel.

Broadcast 28 April 2012

Figuratively Speaking at Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide’s Black Diamond Gallery opens Figuratively Speaking on April 20 which showcases the works of five Adelaide artists inspired by the environment. Veronica Calarco and Cosmo Antenucci are two of the exhibiting artists and talk with Owen Saville about the exhibition which is being opened by local poet Ray Tyndale.

Broadacst 14 April 2012

Scott Rankine on Namatjira

Albert Namatjira was a great Australian painter who brought to bear his indigenous love of the land on the western art form of watercolour. His life and work is celebrated in a new show called Namatjira which will open in Her Majesty’s Theatre on the 4th of May. Ewart Shaw talks to one of the creative figures behind the show Scott Rankine.

Broadcast 14 April 2012