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Zanesh Catkin author of satiric novel Pangamonium

Zanesh Catkin has penned a rollicking satire on global capitalism that reads like Romancing the Stone meets Tintin. Set in Panga, an unspecified location where Mr Marman exploits child labour to satisfy the world’s appetite for sex toys, it features a lost American journalist and a diabetic African pilgrim named Easter, on the hunt for his grandmother’s grave full of pirate gold.

Anna Solding author The Hum of Concrete

Swedish-born Adelaide writer Anna Solding describes her first novel The Hum of Concrete, set in Malmo where she grew up, and her Midnight Sun Publishing venture.

Deborah Trusson artist Feeling of Light

Painter Deborah Trusson talks about her larger-than-life nude paintings and The Feeling of Light at Adelaide Central School of Art Gallery

Lisa Harms Nic Brown Conversations in Ellipsis


Artists Lisa Harms and Nic Brown talk about their involvement in multi-site SALA Adelaide exhibition, Conversations in Ellipsis

Stephen Page Bangarra Director: Terrain

Bangarra Dance Theatre returns to Adelaide August 29 with Frances Ring’s Terrain, inspired by Lake Eyre. Director Stephen Page talks about it with CathKenneally.

Ben Roberts Emily Davis song

SCALA guests Ben and Emily sing Conjure Woman Blues live



Ben Chandler fantasy author

Ben Chandler lives in Adelaide and also in his own fantasy world. He is the author of Quillblade and Beast Child, volumes one and two of the Voyages of the Flying Dragon, published by Random House. His Flying Dragon books are ‘steampunk’ creations, set not in Victorian England but in Japan of the same period.