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Look To the Sky and Consider the Light Between the Space

Sometimes our lives are so hectic that we forget to look up at the sky and contemplate the marvels our world has to offer.

Coming up for South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival is a multimedia exhibition showcasing skyscape instillation integrating digital photography, time-lapse video and music composition, utilising the state-of-the-art equipment of Bang & Olufsen.

Derek Crozier, Michael Jenkins and Natasha Lee are the artists and organisers of the exhibition, The Light Between the Space.

Jennie Lenman speaks to Michael and Natasha about it.

Head to SALA for more information.

Broadcast 28 July 2012


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  Evie wrote @

If you love the beauty of nature reflected in art form, consider taking some time out of your day to enjoy the beautiful, relaxing visual sky/landscapes and soothing music. Where? At The Light Between The Space exhibition located at the Bang & Olufsen showroom, 25 Grenfell Street, Adelaide.


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