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Clothed, Mealed and Delivered

Thinking back to the Adelaide Fringe Festival in Summer, is there anything that particularly stood out? Perhaps it was a comedy act, perhaps it was a theatre production…but what about the things that didn’t quite fit into a neat, high-production package? What about the quirky and the thought-provoking?

Gluttony in Rymill Park had something pretty special going on…

It was Deliverance – a durational piece where three performers entered and stayed in a 6 x 5 metre outdoor space for 10 days.

They initially were naked with absolutely no possessions.

So what happened over the 240 hour piece? Did passersby help them out?

William McBride speaks to Jennie Lenman aboutn the experience and future plans.

Deliverance is by Kat Henry, Penny Harpham and William McBride. Check out their Tumblr here and to contribute to their Berlin trip, head to their pozible page.

Broadcast 21 July 2012


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