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Take Something Beautiful – Tribute to Jesse Younan

 ‘Take Something Beautiful’ – The songs of JESSE YOUNAN is being released on Monday 15 MayIt’s a compilation of Australian artists such as Abbe May, Jordie Lane and Emily Lubitz from Tin Pan Orange to name only a few.  Jesse Younan was a singer songwriter,  who at the too young an age of 35 died from  leukemia. He had just finished recording his album ‘A Good Day for a Migraine’.  The idea for ‘Take Something Beautiful’ was a collaboration between Vitamin Records and Source Music. Glenn Wright, the director of Vitamin Records was a close friend of Jesse and tells Nikki Marcel about his music and personality. 

Broadcast 12 May 2012

In 2008 Sarah Tomlinson interviewed Jesse Younan about life, chemo and his just released album A Good Day for  Migraine which won the station a Bilby ‘Can’t Get Out of the Car’ Award.


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[…] has opened up to Nikki Marcel (Radio Adelaide) about Jesse’s music and personality. Click here to listen to this interview, as well as the interview in 2008 where Jesse Younan spoke to Sarah […]

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