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Artlink Says Ni Hao Chengdu

Adelaide based Artlink magazine is heading off to China with reprints of their special 2011 issue Indigenous: Beauty & Terror translated into Mandarin. Artlink is taking part in the 13th Conference of Australian Studies, at Xihua University in Chengdu. is Artlink’s Executive Editor, Stephanie Britton,  is heading the team over to Chengdu and talks with Nikki Marcel about the exciting venture.

Broadcast 26 May 2012

Catapult Your Understanding of Catullus

Julia Wakefield set out to find out more about the Roman poet Catullus, by way of a recent translation by Peter Green and with the help of a local expert in the field Dr. Jacque Clarke, from Adelaide Uni’s Classics Dept.

broadcast 26 May 2012

The Australian Ballets’ New Shoes

How often does a ballet dancer change her shoes? Julie Cavanagh asks Caitlin Topham from The Australian Ballet just that. 

Broadacst 26 May 2012

Dance Review – Romeo & Juliet

Regular dance reviewer Alan Brissenden talks the Australian Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet.

broadcast 26 May 2012

SCALA – Natalie Zeleney

Our SCALA guest this week Natalie Zeleney brought some music tracks that she had mastered. She’s definitely a woman to look for next Eurovision representing Italy/Australia.

Broadcast 26 May 2012

SCALA performers play live every Thursday night at 8pm @ Highground.

Solomon Islands Artwork on Show @ Nexus

I bet not many of us know much about the artwork of Solomon Islands? Well you can find out at an exhibition of Solomon Islands arts and crafts at Nexus but you have to be quick because its only on until Friday June 1st.

Rhibbie Auma is Vice President of the Artists Association of Solomon Islands and is in Adelaide accompanying the artworks. Rhibbie joins Alessandra Perna who coordinated the exhibition after having been an AusAID Volunteer in Solomon Islands. Both Rhibbie and Alessandra talk with Nikki Marcel about traditional and contemporary art.

Broadcast 26 May 2012

15 Seconds of Fame with The Democratic Set

Geelong’s Back to Back Theatre company are coming to Goolwa to produce another of their compelling video works – The Democratic Set. Locals will be able to have their 15 seconds of fame with shooting taking place in Goolwa’s Centenary Hall on May 30th through to 1st June. There’s a screening for participants and friends on 2 June and a public screening during Kumuwuki/Big Wave, the Regional Arts Australia National Conference in October. Rhian Hinkely gives Nikki Marcel the brief as to what people can do in their 15 seconds in a wooden cube.

Broadcast 26 May 2012