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Kane Alexander is All I Know

The darling of Australian cabaret Kane Alexander is coming to Adelaide for the Cabaret Festival. Ewart Shaw asked him if when he was a child he was the sort of kid who loved performing for his relatives at family occasions.

Broadcast 28 April 2012

Creative Conversations with Creative Women

Have you ever thought of self publishing a book? Many of us may have it on our ‘to do’ list or earmarked for ‘in my retirement’ but Tess McCabe has not only thought about it – she’s done it.  Tess talks with Nikki Marcel about her book Conversations with Creative Women and how she moved from having idea to its publication.

Broadcast 28 April 2012

Lost Fingers – Making 80s Tunes Bearable

Canadian band Lost Fingers  (Byron Mikaloff, Christian Roberge & Alex Morisette) are reworking cheesy 80s tunes gypsy jazz style. Many an artist like George Michael should be jealous, the Lost Finger’s versions are often much better than the originals. Careless Whisper is a good example. The guys may need body guards when they come to Australia and the Adelaide Cabaret Festival as fanatical ACDC fans may not like the ‘enhancement’ of the sacred tunes Thunderstruck and You Shook Me All Night Long – again way better than the original dare I say it in case a bogan fatwah is put out.  Nikki Marcel was disappointed to find out that a shower came between Byron Mikaloff and his pending immigration to Australia.

Broadcast 28 April 2012

National Sorry Day and a Journey of Healing

May 26 is National Sorry Day and the Journey of Healing Association SA Inc is hosting an open public event – the Kuttekaringyanya ‘reforming’ the Journey of Healing Wodlianni Stolen Generations Coming Home.  It’s being held in Tarndanyangga (Victoria Square) on May 24 from 10.30am -2.30. Chairperson John Brown explains the day and planned activities to Nikki Marcel.

Broadcast 28 April 2012

SCALA – Corey Stewart

Our SCALA musician playing live in the studio this week is Corey Stewart.

Love is the Reason written by C. Stewart & A. Miller

Free Spirit written by C. Stewart, A. Miller & K.Pav

Broadcast 28 April 2012

Get Your Junk Ready for The Suitcase Royale

Described as Tom Waites meets the Mighty Boosh the Australian trio The Suitcase Royale are bringing The Ballard of backbone Joe to the Cabaret Festival. Nikki Marcel asks Joseph O’Farrell how he describes the group.

broadcast 28 April 2012


Johanna Allen’s Mixtape

Johanna Allen returned to her home town and popped by the studio for a quick chat with Ewart Shaw about her new Adelaide Cabaret Festival show Mixtape and Other Stories with Nigel Ubrihien.

Broadcast 28 April 2012