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Justin Burford and Eddie Perfect @ Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Now that we’ve recovered from the summer festival season we can look forward to that great  winter festival – the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Nirvana fans will love Justin Burford’s new show – Kurt and those into dark comedic cabaret will also love Eddie Perfect’s, MisAnthropology. Both Justin and Eddie talk to Nikki Marcel about the more idiosyncratic sides to life and music.

Broadcast 31 March 2012

Bring your security blankets to Objectified

Think techni-colour mandalas on acid and you’re nearly imagining Pip and Pop’s incredible sugary landscapes that take days to create. They’re part of Objectified – a new exhibition opening on Wednesday April 11 at the SASA Gallery.  Artists Heidi Kenyon, Will Nolan, Pip and Pop, Tristan Louth-Robins, Paul Sloan, Sera Waters and Laura Wills explore the object attachment theories of Donald W. Winnicott. Curator Karen Paris gives Nikki Marcel a condensed beginners guide to Winnicott’s ideas.

Broadcast 31 March 2012


Manhole Covers and Other Heavenly Bodies

Have you ever truly appreciated the minimalist industrial beauty and design of a manhole cover? Artist Anthony Lusk has and his exhibition at the Prospect Gallery will help you to see them in a brand new way. Nikki Marcel attempts to get over her manhole phobia and asks Anthony about his collection.

Broadcast 31 March 2012

SCALA Guest – Ben Searcy

Our SCALA guest – Ben Searcy, is a photo journalist by day and muso whenever he can.



The Singer Composers and Lyricist’s Association meet and perform every Thursday night at Higher Ground.



Cafe Poetry with Ray Tyndale

Ray Tyndale is the resident poet at Sarah’s Sisters’ Cafe on Semaphore Road. Ray starts todays program with a poem, Buy a Pie Shop to Mend a Broken Heart and ends with Genevieve.  

Broadcast 31 March 2012


Jonathan Frakes and Jewel Staite @ Comic-Con

Radio Adelaide’s Adrian Thurnwald from the Role Playing Hour (Fridays @ 10pm) challenges Jonathan Frakes, famous for playing Commander William T Raiker, to a few rounds of the 24th Century martial arts, Anbo-Jitsu, and proposes marriage to the loveable engineer Kaylee on sci-fi show, Firefly, aka Jewel Staite. Both are in town for the Oz Comic-Con at the Wayville Showgrounds.

Jonathan Frakes

Jewel Staite 

Broadcast 31 March 2012

For the Francophiles

The French Film Festival is in full swing around Australia and is the biggest outside of France. Sebastian Blanchet, director of Alliance Francais SA which hosts the festival, goes through the program with Nikki Marcel. She’s still seeking answers to the question – why is Gerad Depardieu considered a sex symbol and would a woman equally as unattractive still be considered sexy even if she was a good actress.?

Broadcast 31 March 2012